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Essentials of Securing Active Directory in a Hybrid Environment

Thought Leadership - 1:05 pm - 1:25 pm

For more than two decades, Microsoft Active Directory (AD) has been the de facto method organizations use to authenticate and authorize users so they can access computers, devices, and applications within a network. AD is celebrated for its extensive compatibility with various applications and Windows editions. But that compatibility comes with security downsides. Integrating business apps with AD, for example, centralizes access to a company's information stores, so once an attacker gains entry, the threat actor can wreak havoc.

And for those shifting to a hybrid environment, ensuring security can be even more complicated: Shifting from using only on-premises AD to extending to cloud authentication requires a different mindset and approach. 

In this web seminar, Semperis Chief Technologist Guido Grillenmeier will discuss AD access points used in recent cyberattacks, security risks to watch for in managing AD with Azure AD, how to look for warning signs that AD has been compromised, and steps to take in the event of an attack. You'll come away from this seminar with guidelines for securing AD from cyberattacks, including:

  • Common AD weak spots exploited in recent cyber-attacks
  • Top security risks to watch for in managing a hybrid identity environment
  •  Preparing for AD attack remediation 
  •  Understanding limitations of native AD rollback capabilities 
  •  Ensuring post-attack recovery doesn't re-introduce malware

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